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Semiconductor, Embedded-Systems and IoT Electronics Solutions & Services.

We Offer Services And Products:

  • Services:

    * ASIC/SoC Design, RTL Coding and Verification

    * FPGA Design & Verification, Implementation, Validation & Prototyping

    * Synthesis, Static Timing Analysis(STA) & Design for Testability (DFT)

    * IP and SoC level Verification Environment, Verification Components, Testbench and Testcase Development

    * Post Silicon & board bring-up & validation

    * Design IP & Verification IP Development

    * Signal, Image & video processing & High performance computer algorithms for Silicon models

    * Communication, control & IoT solution for custom protocol & proof of concept with electronics & semiconductor hardware/firmware development

    * Other electomechanical based industrial designs.

    * Customised training for professional & corporate for in Embedded system and VLSI


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  • About Us

    ESciComp-India is Pune (India) base technology solution company through, knowledge, services and product.
    We combine right mix of Engineering, Science and Computation capabilities of both Human and Machines in order to deliver product and solution that meet the need of an industry and society.

    Mission: - Service to the society and industry through technology as medium & enhance technological knowledge sharing across to engineering academics.

    Vision: - Cultivate a process and action driven solution through innovative thinking and engaging right set of people, knowledge, tecnology and culture.

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    What We Do?

    We empower individual, industry and academics through service of technology that helps to enhance their experience with product and solution over the problems. We believe and are committed to utilise Engineering and Technoloical skills to deliver simlified solutions to complex problems.

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    Kindly get in touch with us over email - info@esc-india.co.in


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